Daily Reminders for Living a New Paradigm

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to better ourselves: our bodies and minds, our lives, our world. It’s a natural human inclination. At this point in human history, though, we could use some help. The societies we’ve created are increasingly destructive, not only to themselves but to the planet. We need a new paradigm—and a way to live it. The journey to a new way of living requires faith, because we can’t see where it will lead. However, we’re better equipped for this journey than we realize. Anne Wilson Schaef suggests that deep within ourselves—in our cells, in our ancestral blood, in our archaic souls—we have the ancient knowledge we need to find our way. We simply need to remember what we know. In this book, Dr. Schaef uses 30 themes to build cycles of “reminders” that expand and deepen over the course of the year. Through insightful reflections on themes including the Reminder that All Is Process and In Process, while Stressing the Importance of Honesty, Exploring Our Beliefs and Assumptions, Accepting Our Humanness, and Walking in Beauty, we broaden our perspective and open our minds so we can live more fully