If you are interested in attending a Living in Process Workshop, and there isn’t one scheduled that is convenient for you, please get in touch with us via our contact us page.

About Living in Process Workshops

Living in Process Workshops, also called “Intensives” are regularly offered in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

Living in Process® Workshops offer an opportunity to learn about a way of life that focuses on healing and offers a path for spiritual growth. We have an opportunity to live in process and in community while learning to confront our addictive processes and behaviors. Our focus is on holistic healing.

Your Own Pace

An opportunity to create and participate in a respectful community environment where work on personal and professional issues proceeds at our own pace.

New Learning and Conceptualizing

An emphasis on ‘Living in Process’ which focuses on being present to ourselves and others in the moment; owning our own “process”; and working through past and/or present feelings that have been denied, suppressed, or distorted. There will be opportunities to experience deep process work in a safe, supportive environment.

Notice and Name Addictive Processes

An opportunity to notice and name addictive behaviors and processes and see how they affect our lives; to support new levels of honesty and recovery within ourselves and with others. The workshop will provide options to look at culturally-supported addictive processes such as relationship, romance and sex addiction, workaholism and money issues, as well as ingestive addictions (food, alcohol, drugs).  We will see how we can use addictive behaviors to avoid our feelings, prevent us from being present to others and ourselves, and block our spirituality.

A Flexible Agenda

The workshop includes time for relaxation and reflection, sharing, play and laughter, in a quiet, peaceful setting.  For those who wish, there will be an option to participate in 12-step meetings.


The workshop will be facilitated by persons who are part of the Living in Process Community, and have extensive experience in Living in Process.

Writers Retreats

Anne Wilson Schaef shares her experience and wisdom on her writing process and facilitates others to do the same through her week long Writers Retreats, often held in Boulder, Montana. Return here or follow Anne on Facebook or Twitter to be notified about her next Writers Retreat.