The Living in Process “Training” and Community

As the Living in Process work evolved over the years, the network of people that wanted to continue learning and growing in the LIP paradigm began to call themselves The Living in Process Community. The LIP Community is worldwide, mostly centered in North America, Europe and the South Pacific (Australia and New Zealand).

Members of the community come together locally twice a year for one or two weeks and in between time come together informally for weekends as they choose in order to support each other. We also come together as an international community every three years in Montana, in the US.
In Process, we learn to own our lives and take responsibility for our own healing, recognizing that there are no external experts who can “heal” us. We can only heal ourselves as we reconnect with ourselves and our spirituality. This work is based upon the experiential understanding of life as an ongoing process in which we have the opportunity to participate.

“None of us can heal in isolation. Healing is best done in community”.

In our journey of recovery, we learn to listen to what our bodies, our feelings and our experiences can teach us. Our intuition becomes stronger, and we learn what it means to be gratefully responsible and deeply accepting of our life’s journey as it opens to us.